WI Craft Shop

Selling a variety of handcrafted items, the WI Craft Shop is located at the WI Centre, 6a Walden Road, Huntingdon.

What can you find in the shop? Homemade preserves, local honey and items handmade by artisan WI crafters, including jewellery, bags, pictures, plant pots, greetings cards, and more!

The WI Craft Shop opening hours are:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 10am-12pm

Free parking available at the WI Centre. We have a barrier across the car park. Please press the buzzer to connect you to the office staff and say you wish to visit the WI Craft Shop. We can raise the barrier to give you access to the car park.

Pop Up Shop – Would you like the shop to visit your WI? Please do get in touch by contacting the office – office@hpfwi.org.uk