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Speakers Handbook

2024 Speakers Yearbook– Updated June 2024

Forms For Members

New Member Registration Form

Event Booking Form – Book a place to any of our workshops of events!

200 Club Application Form 2024 – Join in our annual 200 Club! The 200 Club runs from January to December each year, with monthly draws of £15 and £10, and twice annual draws of £200. Places are limited to 200 numbers. 

Car Park Permit Renewal 2024-2025 – Secure your car parking permit for the WI Centre in Huntingdon.

Forms For WIs

A selection of handy forms for WIs to download.

Notification of Change of Officers Form – Please complete this form if your WI changes their Officers and return to the office. Please update MCS with these changes.

Agreement Form for WI Directory – If your WI changes their President or Secretary, please complete this form with permission for the WI Directory and return to the office.

Your WI Annual Statement

Request for IFE form 2023

2024 Subscription Form – This includes the late payments form and the pro-rata subscription form.

WI Gift Aid Guidance and Form 2024

WI Gift Aid Guidance 2024 flexibility form – Please complete this form if your WI has flexible subscription for the year.

Federation-News-Hard-Copy-Request-Form (24-25)– Please use this form if you wish to update the number of hard copies of Federation News your WI receives.

MailChimp Contact Form – Please use this form to allow permission for the Federation to contact you via email.

2025 WI Diary order form

WI annual questionnaire

Safeguarding Information

The full NFWI policy, short leaflet for members, and safeguarding concern form. Your Federation Safeguarding Officer is Maria Pidoux. Please use the designated safeguarding email to contact your FSO,

NFWI Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Leaflet For WI Members

NFWI Safeguarding Reporting Form

Promotional Materials

A selection of materials to assist in promoting your WI. More guidance and materials can be found on MyWI.

WI Promotional WI Poster

HPFWI New Members Booklet